Our 35-Year Marriage Poem

DavenSue Pic

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” (Matthew 19:6)

A couple months ago, celebrating our 35th, we took a fantastic trip to the west coast that included an Alaskan cruise. Since I don’t sleep in very well while traveling (where Sue has no problem), I had lots of time to myself each morning. One morning at sea, my years of Dr. Seuss training took over and I wrote what I originally named “Our Love Boat Poem.” Marriage is worthy of honor (Hebrews 13:4) because it honors God, who created it. So, I share our love boat poem in honor of marriage and our God who made it.

My whole adult life has been your whole life too
For 35 years what is me has been you

Two made one in Spirit at the same baptism hour
Two made one in flesh by God’s marriage power

Then just babes in Christ and the world, there’s no doubt
Our future firmly secured but no details worked out

Quickly God gave a first, second, third little girl
Through them He transformed our love, worry and world

So young ourselves, God stretched our faith and our treasure
As they too received life in Christ without measure

Rapid years filled will joy, success and some parent mistakes
Still endless prayers that Christ’s love they’ll never forsake

Oh and the Church, our family, the body we’re forever a part
How greatly it taught us love, service and our Savior’s heart

Days and years made our faith, like gold, more pure
So little of it easy, that’s how God makes it sure

You always faithful to me and I always to you
No two friends could be more sincerely true

Yes, with some hurts the foe whispered, “you’ll last no longer!”
Yet by God, yet by Grace, we only grew stronger!

Hair now graying and grand kids so fun
What shall we say of us two still the one?

My, how you’ve changed and, yes, so have I
More sure of this love till the day that we die!

So for us and for all we pray His word true:
What God has made one let no one make two!

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