Help for Putting Technology in Its Place at Home

“Parents today believe it is harder than ever to raise children. The number-one reason? Technology.”  (Barna)

I recently read Andy Crouch’s latest book, The Tech-Wise Family. I highly recommend it for every parent and grandparent. Barna’s research on technology’s impact on the family complements Crouch’s compelling guide for managing technology in our families.

Crouch lays out “ten commitments” that the “tech-wise family” can make to live a better life with technology. He summarizes how and why each of these commitments have worked (and sometimes haven’t worked so well) in his own family with his “Crouch Family Reality Checks.”

Every commitment challenged me personally is some way, even as an empty-nest grandparent. His thoughts on purposefully “shaping spaces” in the home and “structuring time,” to include sabbath rests, were especially beneficial.

This is a short book with lots of practical ideas to at least get you thinking about how to keep “technology in its proper place” at home.




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