A Lesson When Life’s Not Fair



Every child must learn that life isn’t always fair. Someone wins the award while another doesn’t. Some are born with remarkable natural gifts. Others, like me, not so much. Some of these things are out of our control.

But we can control our attitude and response when life doesn’t seem fair. A great example for us and our children is John the Baptist. For a while, he had a very successful ministry calling people to turn to God in preparation for the arrival of Jesus. Then, when Jesus arrived and began his work, all the people began shifting their focus from John’s ministry to Jesus. When John’s own followers alerted him to this he could have said, “That’s just not fair. I’ve worked so hard and have done all the right things.” But instead, John told his friends: “A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven.”

John not only trusted God when things were going well for him, but when they seemed to be going much better for someone else. That’s because he knew that God’s love and best for him are always found in Jesus and not from the recognition or success in this world.

That’s a lesson every child of God can learn from.

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