What Wine Has To Do With Children’s VBS


Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.” – John 2:3

Our children’s team has been working hard to prepare for Cottonwood Creek’s Vacation Bible School, our biggest event of the year. We plan to host 1,300 children and over 400 leaders for four days. God has given Cottonwood a heart to invest in an awesome VBS every year to reach children and families with the good news about Jesus.

The final days prior to VBS can be an anxious time for our team: planning and preparing the lessons and activities, registering children, recruiting and training leaders, assigning and decorating classrooms, and assembling supplies. The event has been set and the children are coming. There’s no plan B.

The prospect of not having enough leaders, supplies and space when 1,300 children arrive can be a bit unnerving. No, this doesn’t call for some wine.

But wine was called for at a big wedding that Jesus attended. And disaster struck. The hosts ran out of wine! That may be hard to relate to a children’s VBS at a Baptist church in Texas. Yet, for that time and culture, it was a colossal embarrassment. A planning and preparation nightmare. When his mom brought the problem to Jesus, his reply was basically, It’s not time for me yet.”  Now if I were her at that moment, I might have replied, “It sure seems time to me!”

Instead, his mom simply told the servants (perhaps while biting her fingernails), “Do whatever he says.” When the time was right, Jesus told the servants what to do. They listened, did what Jesus said, and he provided the wine. In fact, Jesus’ provision was far superior to the wine the host had provided.

In the anxious moments leading up to VBS, our team tries to follow that model. We bring the problem to Jesus, we listen, and do everything we believe God would have us do. And when the time is just right, he provides our needs, always in a form that is far superior to what we could provide on our own.

We can’t wait to see you at VBS!

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