Too Stressed for Church?

Kids are stressed. Parents are stressed. A 2014 study indicated that youth are even more stressed out than their parents. “Making the grade” in school, “making the cut” in sports and other extracurricular activities, along with maintaining the right image on social media, has overwhelmed children.  One third of youth surveyed admit they participate in some activities only so they can post about it on social media.

It’s understandable how church can be viewed as just one more stressful “thing to do” in an over tasked week.

However, youth overwhelmingly think otherwise, according to a new book, “Growing Young” by researchers at Fuller Youth Institute.  They found that over 80 percent of young people who attend youth-engaged churches claim that church involvement reduces their stress.  Allowing kids to focus on what is most important in life is a significant benefit in their stress-filled culture.  Even though “church” adds to their busy schedule, it does so with good return.

So don’t stress. We’ll see you and your kids at Cottonwood Creek this week!

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